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agelade's Journal

20 June
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Personal journal turned fan-fiction archive with occasional personal rants.

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abnormal psychology, acting, aeon flux, androgyny, art, artificial intelligence, asian culture, bagpipes, bass, beer and cake, being barefoot, book thing of baltimore, books, boondock saints, bt, calm, candles, ccrg, celtic stuff, cemeteries, charm city roller girls, clarinet, cognitive dissonance, cognitive science, concept albums, creativity, dance, david bowie, deep structure, dialectology, dogs, drama, drawing, dress shirts, fear, flossing, flynn carsen, foo swee chin, gender theory, general anxiety disorder, generative grammar, graphic novels, guitar, historical linguistics, hope, html, hypercorrection, i feel sick, ireland, italo calvino, japanese, johns hopkins university, jthm, jump little children, language acquisition, learning, lexical semantics, linguistics, logic, love, manga, markedness theory, men in kilts, mercy, minimal pairs, minimalism, morphemes, morphology, moxy fruvous, music, nin, noam chomsky, non-euclidean geometry, optimality theory, peace, phonemes, phonetics, phonology, phrenology, pickles, pocky, poe, predicate logic, pseudoscience, psychology, pulling hangnails, purity, radiohead, raspberries, rock, roleplaying, sarcasm, science fiction, second language acquistion, semantics, sequential art, sig7, signal 7, singing, sleep paralysis, sociolinguistics, solitude, sounds, speech, steven pinker, surface structure, sweater vests, syntax, terry pratchett, the dark crystal, the last unicorn, theater, thrift stores, traces, traditional art, transformational rules, truth, utility kilts, vowels, wanna contraction, wh-movement, wikipedia, words, writing, x-bar theory